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Tandem Flight Paraglider​

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Tandem Flight Instruction


     The Tandem Flight is the first step for anyone who wants to enter the world of free flight, Paragliding or Hang Glider

    The Double Flight Instruction is done by instructors certified by the FAI (Fedaration Air Sports Intenational), ABVL (Brazilian Association of Free Flight) and also registered with the CSCVL (Clube Sao Conrado Gliding)


    Arriving at our club (CSCVL) the student will have an enrollment and a portfolio of pilot - aspiring, where it will be valid for 6 months, for the continuity of the course.​

In Double Flight Instruction lesson you will about the basic equipment and functionalities on Weather, Flight Safety, Landing, Takeoff among others.​


    You will be introduced to the pleasures of the sport and also the basic techniques used in their practice, so we assume that you have interest in learning to fly. So, give all the necessary support to continue its course after this his first instructional flight.   

    This type of instruction allows students to have a real sense of the practice of the sport, so that does not invest much time or financial resources, without being sure that you will like or be able to deal with factors such as adrenaline, height and speed.   
      Ready the first step has been taken!

     Thus, after the flight instruction the student can more clearly decide whether to continue the course for pilot training.​


     The student will compulsorily go for tennis or closed shoes and light clothing to stay avontade in flight.​


    We optional photo or video in your classroom, work with the latest equipment on the market, where your photos or video will be delivered on a DVD, so you can enjoy your adventure in high definition (hd).​


             Transfer Services =>>  have to pick up and carry you in Hotels, Hostels, Camp, or anywhere in Rio de Janeiro, to ensure that they return safely.

Check out our photos and videos

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